Training of Foreign Language Teachers

Language Teachers Conference

September 21-22
Keila Waldorf School

Lecturer  Alec Templeton

Alec Templeton began his long teaching career in 1972. He has taught English and trained teachers in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, Hungary, and Norway. 


1. Overview of curriculum in grades 1–10. Teaching methods of:

  • understanding language
  • oral expression
  • writing language
  • reading language
  • participating in discussion
  • language as grammar (e.g. articles)
  • language as vocabulary

2. Specific exercises getting pupils to speak; pronunciation exercises

3. Songs and plays in grades 1-3



      Friday 21.09
     Start at 13:00 and end at 18:00

      Saturday 22.09
      Start at 9:00 and end at 15:00

Cost of the conference 25 euros.
Lunches and coffee breaks 12 euros (two days).
It is possible to spend the night in the schoolhouse, please take along your mat and bedding. 

Registration and info: Kairit Altmäe, phone 56 504434